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Sorting complexes to rent.

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Sorting complexes to rent. Download BelAZom company "ITA" and OOO "Technology" OFFER to lease CSCA-CB-600 m (CL-2S-R;W). We have been working in the market of crushing and sorting and loading-loading equipment more than 20 years. Use SA-overview the best materials and manufacture innovative high-performance equipment of high quality with a wide range of functional opportunities. We manufacture integrated systems (loading pereradoka moisture reduction of material). In this announcement we offer following equipment. Productivity 500 t per hour.  Division into classes: 0-25; 25-300; 25-50; 0-50; 50 – 300 mm. We provide all services for delivery. Loading of vehicles. Unloading the railway wagon and tapered warehouse. Simply. Securely. Profitable. The maximum period of manufacture and supply 1.5-2 months. The treatment capacity of 20000 tons a month. Paying 40 rubles. for IE, VAT included. Additional option to reduce humidity of small classes of 0 -25 (0 -50). We value partnerships. Successful business. Sincerely, Arkady Anisimovich.

Contact persons: Arkady A.; Viktor Arkadyevich.

address: Russia, Novokuznetsk, Moscow, Russia

phone: 7 9133362838; 7 (495) 7659758

E-mail: timetehno@mail.ru

Website: http://itatrushkevich.com/

Контактная информация

Отправил: Аркадий Анисимович
Телефон: +79133362838
Дата подачи объявления: 19.04.2013

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